Brakes & Brake Pads

When you need to stop fast you need to know your brakes are going to do their job.

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Don’t Wait Until Your Brakes Stop Working

Your brakes are one of the most important components of your car and could one day save a life.

Signs That You Need to Have Your Brakes Checked

  • A red brake dashboard light could indicate an imbalance within the system.
  • Squeaking or grinding sounds as you brake might mean that your pads are worn or that your rotor is sustaining damage.
  • If your brake dashboard light is yellow, your anti-lock brake (ABS) system could be having issues.
  • Vibrations or pulling to one side might indicate damage to a rotor, brake fluid that is low or brake pads that need to be replaced.

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Fortunately, your brakes have a number of different ways to indicate that there is a problem. If your brake pedal feels spongy or soft when you depress it, or if you hear grinding or squealing sounds, as you attempt to stop your vehicle, it needs to be investigated promptly. Other behaviors from your car that require your prompt attention are vibrations or pulling to the side when you are braking.

Here at East Charlotte Nissan, we recommend that you avoid waiting until a problem with your brakes arises. Instead, we invite you to schedule a brake inspection with us on a regular basis. Our experienced technicians will be able to locate any potential problems before they affect your vehicle. Issues such as leaking or old brake fluid and worn pads or discs can be found and fixed before the performance of your brakes is compromised.

The Three Components of Car Brakes & Common Issues

Brake Pads
The brake pads of your car are comprised of a steel backing that has friction material. Since it is this friction material that pushes against the discs as you stop your vehicle, it gets worn away over time. If your brake pads aren’t replaced in time, this backing then grinds into the disc which can lead to more extensive and expensive repairs. Your brake pads should be inspected regularly to ensure that this doesn’t happen.
Brake Discs
Your brake discs undergo wear too but at a slower rate than the brake pads. You can often tell that your brake discs are worn because you’ll need to push harder on the brake pedal than you might expect. Another sign is vibration while you are braking. Our certified technicians can measure each of your discs and advise you on whether a replacement is warranted.
Brake Fluid
Each vehicle has a schedule of manufacturer recommended services and their intervals. Because your brake fluid can become contaminated with microscopic debris and water over time, you should ensure that it is changed as recommended. Otherwise, the pistons and seals within the system might not work correctly and lead to less effective braking.

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