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If your car battery is more than four years old, getting it tested should be high on your list of priorities.

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The Test of Today Avoids the Problems of Tomorrow

While a long drive will definitely provide a boost to your battery, if each ride in your car only takes you a few miles, your battery is experiencing significant stress – no two ways about it.

Tips for Extending Your Car Battery’s Life

  • Whenever possible, try to take car trips that are longer than 20 minutes. Your car takes about this long to charge and if you don’t give it the time it needs, you could accidentally shorten its life.
  • Unplug all power adapters and similar accessories when you’re not using your car.
  • Turn off ALL interior and exterior lights before you get out of your car for the best results.

Make Your AppointmentWhen Should I Change My Car Battery?

Make Your Appointment When Should I Change My Car Battery?

Complimentary Battery Check

Actuate the positive, eliminate the negative.

Because the health of your vehicle is too important

Neglecting your car battery is one of the most efficient ways to make sure you get stranded one day by a vehicle that won’t start. If you think this only happens during the cold winter months of the year, you should think again. Heat also shortens battery life and if your car is sluggish to start, it’s recommended that you get your battery checked right away.

Many people don’t realize that after just a few short years, a car battery will naturally lose its ability to recharge quickly. Thankfully, there are a few simple and straightforward tests that will reveal everything you need to know about what the best course of action is to take moving forward.

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